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4 different services

Basic Bookkeeping - Fixed monthly fee starting at $200 per month

Full-Service Accounting - Starting at $500 per month

As needed Hourly Consulting - Starting at $125 per hour

Tax Prep Services

Personal Taxes - Starting at $200

Business Taxes - Starting at $450

Working with top brands and softwares

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Our Story

Since 2015, We’ve been providing professional consulting services to clients from Texas, and now entering the California Marketplace. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, our focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship. We work with you to create a customized plan of action for yourself or your organization.


We have worked in multiple industries such Solar Panels, Real Estate Investment, Construction, Law Firms, Restaurants, Hotels, and so much more.

Get in touch to learn more about our vision and consulting approach.


What's Being Said

As a top Consultant in Texas, now moving into California, We’ve succeeded in helping our clients achieve big changes thanks to our extensive consulting services. Since 2015, We’ve provided clients with personalized attention and expert advice through some of their most complex challenges. See what our customers have to say, and get in touch with us today.

Mature Businessman

Afdhel H.

"I have a lot of great things to say about Ravenhouse. Their team really saved my chain of stores. We had maybe 6-9 months' worth of runway left, they helped us get grants and funding to keep things going, but also helped us determine what product lines were responsible for the most cash flow. In doing that kind of analysis, we were then able to reach out to the manufacturer and negotiate our production line with them so that our supply chain is never compromised and we now have much larger volume discounts that have changed everything around for us over this past year."

Woman in Yellow

Melissa S.

"Covid nearly wiped out my yoga studio. I was lucky our landlord allowed us to defer rent until things reopened, but once we reopened, it was a shit show on figuring out how to basically restart. I turned to Ravenhouse to apply for PPP Loans and they helped me get so much more than I expected. We got qualified for enough funding for us to get things back up and running, but this time with online class options. They helped me build an online course, set up manuals, and even got us turned into new markets that completely changed our original business model to what feels like a more modern studio now. They got us organized, and even help with our taxes now. A bonus for my instructors is that I now get them to access real tax advice."


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California Office


General: (888) 288-7487

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